Statement of Ethics

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NFTA Statement of Ethics

This statement must be signed by a designated representative of the member lab to be eligible for NFTA certification.

I understand that the value of the NFTA performance certification is based upon the independent testing of labs by NFTA, as well as upon the consistency of routine analysis by the lab, and the ethical standards set by that lab.

I hereby attest to the following:

  1. I am analyzing and reporting this sample the same way that I analyze and report my production samples in my lab, with the exception of the sample processing and reporting requirements of NFTA.
  2. I have used methodologies which are the same as practiced by my lab for routine samples.
  3. I have not consulted any other data or labs with regards to these samples, nor have any prior knowledge of the values that I am reporting.
  4. I have used the replication protocols specified by NFTA for the running of these test samples, including re-packing NIR scans and running chemistry analyses in different batches.
  5. I will strive to produce the most accurate results possible, and will not bias my results to meet market expectations.
  6. I understand that violation of these ethical requirements may result in loss of my NFTA certification.


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